Updates: Quick bug fix

Fixed account link error on Goodreads. To ddo: Check other accounts for errors. Social Media links sometimes suck.


Updates: To do list

Updates; Planned updates for December 9th-11th. Custom Images, Gamer Recipes, Tag and Category Edit, Non-Mobile/PC based Edits, etc. Add: Requested topics: Please comment or contact! 🙂

Welcome to my lair!

Here is some info (mostly a blurb/rant) on what this blog site offers. It was the first post and mostly an overview/guideline and has been updated (slightly) since.

Rant: Ugh… Technology… Maintenance…

Update: Deleting duplicate media Updating social links Linking facebook page(s) So I used to be a real techie but now I'm pretty annoyed with the publishing app for this blog (as all the reviewers are in the Google Play store). Is it too much to ask that I have a place to unite all my … Continue reading Rant: Ugh… Technology… Maintenance…