Happy New Year!

A Happy, Healthy and Humaine New Year to everyone! Even sarastic, sardonic crestive types have a heart. Here is a resolution for the world. For everyone to have clean clothes on their back, food to eat that doesn't make them sick, clean water to drink, adequate shelter, social and financial equality, love and acceptance from and for all people.


Updates: Quick bug fix

Fixed account link error on Goodreads. To ddo: Check other accounts for errors. Social Media links sometimes suck.

Review: Colgate Optic White

Product review: Whitening toothpaste that works with sensitive, easy bleeding gums.

Updates: To do list

Updates; Planned updates for December 9th-11th. Custom Images, Gamer Recipes, Tag and Category Edit, Non-Mobile/PC based Edits, etc. Add: Requested topics: Please comment or contact! 🙂

Review: Musashi

A horrible attempt at east meets west manga collaboration.

Updates: Launch + Heavy Editing

Well, it was an uphill battle but we are finally (mostly) set up! My one and only review on WordPress so far? Uhhh... torture...