It’s been a while since I made an active one of these. This is where I will put together all my random nerdyness and rock out with my Spock out!

Here you will find:

  • Book, manga, comic reviews
  • Conventions and Events
  • NetGalley honest reviews
  • Game reviews and commentary
  • Anime commentary
  • Supernatural
  • The Walking Dead
  • Fanfiction (FFNet and AO3)
  • Rants
  • Music
  • Canadian Stuff, Eh?
  • Hopefully contest stuff in the futur

I will even share commentary and reviews on horrible NetGalley books! I even write my own books and fanfiction.

Well I hope you enjoy this blog! Domo arigato! Hajimemashita!

Caribou Reviews, cus I’m Canadian and decided to skip the beaver jokes!

In real life I’m a Panda bear. I’m black, white, Asian, chubby and everyone loves me (if they don’t piss me off first). 100% Earthling. I’m an ex-pharmacy technician, a part-time writer and a full time mom.This is a mom blog disguised as a nerd blog cus I’m a gamer-mom, not a gamer’s mom. I don’t conform to stereotypes including mommy-hood gender-roles. I support All Lives and All Loves matter and Social Acceptance because Tolerance isn’t enough. I am still a politically incorrect sarcastic f**ker when I want to be (which is whenever polite society is absent lol).


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