Welcome to Caribou Reviews! News and reviews about random fandom!

Well, it was an uphill battle but we are finally (mostly) set up! Unless there are any crazy technical difficulties, I think updates will be a New Years resolution! Tons of enthusiasm in January after lots of holiday feasting and then I’ll be burned out by Valentines Day!
I hope you enjoy my blog. Some of my book reviews are a bit serious since I like to view the entire thing as a whole but I am having trouble keeping the sarcasm sadist at bay.


My one and only review on WordPress so far? Uhhh… torture… I used to be such a nerd and a lot of things would have been faster with just plain HTML, dHTML, sHTML, CSS about 10 years ago when I was younger but uggghhhhhhh… Facebook Pages are underrated for people that don’t have a lot of time!

Not very user friendly as there is a very sharp learning curve. Customization is awesome, even when user free features (don’t we all love free?) but still a buzz kill. My verdict: Mommy bloggers are smart and have A LOT of time on their hands (while pregnant) to set this up. After that? Blog away ladies! (no offense to any blogger moms out there).

Would I do this again? Mmm well I do like to torture myself (apparently). For money? Definitely. For free? Ummm…. Not this year anyways…

Okay so I went and did MORE edits and on the 7th day she rested! No updates Dec 7 (wow I’m a horrible liar).

WordPress Free features:

Ixion: 5/5 I like this the best.
Customization: 4/5 (upped from 24 now that I got it working). Its tedious and time consuming. You know its bad when a geek prefers to do housework.
User Compatibility: 2/5 (This user took over 72 hrs anyways.) There is a sharp learning curve especially if you are too lazy for instructions.
Fun: 2/5 (Okay, I’m a technology addict so this became more fun over the past few days but way too time consuming.)
Accomplishment Level: Over 9000!
Overall: 4/5 (Compared to all my experience with site/blog builders). I upped the score since the original post since I got a major hang of this now and my site finally looks like the site template and something respectible. On to content! Yeah… Still working on that.

Dec 8:

  • Added: Post Scheduling
  • Added: Charity Links
  • Added: Events and Conventions
  • Added: Links: Manga Publishers
  • Added: Links: Canadian Conventions
  • Added: Social Media Cross-posting

More Updates


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