I’d like to do the following by Friday (because I like to torture myself…

Completed List:

  • Add: Post Scheduling
  • Add: Charity Links
  • Add: Events and Conventions
  • Add: Links: Manga Publishers
  • Add: Links: Canadian Conventions

What content, tv shows, games, movies, recipes, etc. are you interested in seeing here? Feel free to comment or contact us. 🙂

To do list: (long notes follow if you are seriously curious)

  • Add: Amazon Affiliate Program
  • Read & Review: 125 Manga (Trying a 3 month deadline)
  • Add: Custom Graphics: Photoshop/Canva/Paint.net; editing and customization for images used.
  • Add: Gamer Recipes + Waffle-Stick Maker Review and Non-Waffle Recipes; Easy Recipes Using Canadian Products; I have always wanted to write a cookbook for gamers. Maybe I will start small. My biggest issue with playing MMORPGs is people grind but don’t eat! Especially when doing dailies! I will be writing a great rant on this. (Let me get my wife/mom to cook. Wait, I’m wife/mom). Who doesn’t want to learn simple recipes that won’t burn down the house while you grind!? Ramen is good but gormet ramen is better!
  • Add: Gamer Parent Rant Blog; even gamers grow up sometime and it doesn’t mean you need to quit being who you are!
  • General Updates: PC; just the stuff I can’t do on the mobile app – correcting categories and tags, etc. Ok I won’t lie, this won’t be done by Friday unless my OCD really overrules my life. It most likely will lol.
  • Add: Getting a life; I try to avoid using my laptop when family is around so I won’t be getting to the non-mobile updates until I feel like having an overheating peice of junk on me. What’s a nerd to do when the PC before the family’s tv source. 🙂




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