Well this is what I’ve been up to. Kinda counterproductive but hey I was sick for a bit and needed skme good old addiction.  xD I am ashamed of my nerdome sometimes. *Sigh*

I am also moving in a couple weeks.

Game of War – Fire Age mobile game account for sale

Selling Mobile Game Account for Game of War – Fire Age

Lv 30 Account with 79 Hero, 4.75T+ Power, 500B Research, 100B T4/T5 3:1 Troop Ratio, Only Lv 5 Trap with Mobile Trap unlocked! Monsoleum and Pantheon unlocked! Lots of siscount pack puchases so this account is well loaded.

If this add is up this its still available. Ask me anything about my account.

I know I won’t get full price but I have spent $700 on this account and will take any serious offers. Lowest I will go is $300.

If you want to buy it? I want to sell it! Text offer on Kijiji App or email. Make an offer and I will take the highest bidder. In person sale, cash only. Will trade for working PS4 plus games.

Played Android but can use iPhone/iPad or Tablet. The account is secured through MZ and your email. It is very easily transferable by changing email. You can change your email instantly on purchase. You can lock your account to your device.

I am moving and don’t want to spend money. This game is very addictive.


Lvl 30 SH
4.75T+ Power
Base Power 500B (Research)
VIP 39
Hero 79
Gryphon K#986
Friends with top player in kingdom

Trap Account with 15 Barracks Lv 30
All cores and peices unused
All normal gear powered to Lv 50
All gear leveling +10
3x Kunai Lv 10
Prospector with 5 Gems
Lycan and Jiao both lvl 50 with +10
Lots of top gem sets sitting as spares for cores.

All normal buildings maxed
Most specialty buildings max level excluding the following; Level 29 buildings: Altar, Hall of War, Prison; Lv 20/21 Archeology; See Screen for more
3 Banner slots with lvl 6 Banners (not including Treasure Seeker), Lv 2 Banner structure

Easily caps rallies with Defense Boost from ally or solo, with no self boosts
Easily caps rallies without hero and no boosts.
Runes on all weapons.

35M+ Rally March
15 Barracks (Trap account)
3 Villa
3 Hospitals
Most inside and outside building plots unlocked (inside 1 missing outside 4-5 missing)
Many avatars unlocked, some sets missing 2-3 for bonus. Can buy in Black Market (unlocked!)
Beast Master Avatar Set unlocked
Epic Hero Avatar unlocked (Gladiator, as. shown)
500B in Research
100B Troops T5/T4 only 1:3 Ratio
Traps T5 only, 300k each
2B each T5
6B each T4
About 2500+ boosts (1000 in Attack, most over 600℅)

All research except Mobile Trap and Rune complete

Mobile Trap and Rune both Lv 4 learned
Almost 2kT Silver, All resources 65-650T
All gear up to Lycan (No Chimera)
All aquired cores never used.
Spent $700 and will take best offer.

125+ Behemoth boosts
50+ Milestone boosts
Over 1000 Attack Boosts
Around 200 other boosts
1000 Pegasus wings, 1x Trove Teleport, 500 Advance Teleport, Lots of 600-1000℅ Boosts, in great Alliance, All Ally City Materials preserved, not a heavily played trap so still easily tricking big players to attack. Good reputation and friendly with most large trap accounts.

In Markham but willing to meet at secure location in Toronto or Scarborough.


Also selling a Lineage 2, 99/98 (almost 100/99) Aeore/Feoh (healer/wizard) account with +6 Seraph Robe set and 16 app. Bonus lvl 98 (almost 99 buffer). Spent $800 there. More complicated sale for that so less wiggle room. Will list after moving.


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