Teardrop by Lauren Kate
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

I just couldn’t read it. I enjoyed the Fallen series, maybe more than I should but this just started the same. Girl in trouble seeks shrinks that fail her.

I was extremely bored. The negative conversations, descriptions, etc. just turned me off. By the time she was on a bridge in a car expecting a wav and that dude is watching her that has to kill her shows up I felt it was just utter crap.

Sorry for the honest review. I rarely give short reviews and even rarer do I give up on books that start slow.

Wondering if I enjoyed Fallen because I didn’t read/watch Twilight and its copies.

Fallen had the element of mystery and suspense, a sense of discovery. This was just blah.

“A great buildup to a greater disappointment.” I was so excited when I knew this was coming out and then it killed my bookworm boner.

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