Want to know the definition of insomnia? Writing about toothpaste at 5am on your nerd blog!

This toothpaste actually works! If you have sensitive teeth and a gums that bleed easily, white strips are not very friendly. They make me foam at the mouth like a rabid dog (or a cat when you let them lick mustard. *not recommended*). Behold I found a solution. AND… It even improved my easily bleeding gums (okay maybe you didn’t want to know that).

I use this whitening toothpaste once a day and my regular sensitive toothpaste once a day. Colegate Optic White actualky feels like a mouthwash without the burn. It gets in all the hard to reach places and its got peroxide (which is overabundant in most whitening strips). My mouth feels cleaner longer and most of my gum issues resolved.

I’m not a dentist so I can’t give you advice. This is just a review but try it out. I got it on sale for $3 and I regret not buying more of it. It does come in a very generous size so you don’t have to skimp on it. It actually takes very little to do the job anyways.

My husband is an espresso drinker and I actually began to question if he even knows what a toothbrush is. A week after I forgot it on the counter (instead of hiding it in the MINE drawer), I noticed my husband’s smile was whiter than mine! He’s stealing it twice a day from my side of the counter. This was the same time I realized the whitening toothpaste I got for my easy-bleeding gums and sensitive teeth, actually worked. I was using it for two weeks already.

I did buy this product and this is not a paid product endorsement even though I paid for my product. (See what I did there?) The next time it goes on sale I am clearing it out because sadly it’s not lasting very long at home with him using it. Jerk.

Besides the generous sizing, it does come in steinger formulas (7 day and 3 day), mouthwash, gel stick and a toothbrush! Yeah, I’m not getting all of that.

TL; DR? This works and doesn’t make me foam at the mouth. Rabies shot not included.

Learn more about Colgate Optic White.


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