Saga, Volume 1

Saga, Volume 1 by Brian K. Vaughan

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Art 5/5:
Creativity: 5/5
Plot: 5/5
Humor: 5/5
Characters: 5/5

Triggers: Swearing, childbirth, mention of pedophilia/child sex workers, explicity nudity, gratuitous sex scenes, blood, gore.


This has a huge influence from the TV show Lexx but gets away with all the stuff Lexx couldn’t do on TV. Stars should produce a Lexx remake. Or this. I can say the author had a fetish for Hawkgirl for sure!

The erotica us laughable. Laughable and distracting in a bad way. Maybe that was the point though. It’s like the writer said, you know what, let’s make this guy have a tv for a head and make him f**k a chick from his same species. F**k it let’s also make chicks with huge heads and no bodies but all leg like a fashion doll. While we’re at it… There was thus spider chick in this one Korean MMORPG… I can make her sexier. A lot sexier. No bra though bro. Cus like, why put a shirt on when it will fall off or get in the way cus no arms. Just f**k it let’s do this! He went all out! Wait… Almost. The artist is like, well her skirt goes up here, here and here. Can we make her anatomically correct since she is a humanoid spider with boobs? The writer said no, that’s porn. Uhh…


Excellent, progressive sci-fi at its best. This stays away from the typical space tropes and becomes more of a sitcom meets action/adventure.

It is literally out of this world! I really need to start making notes as I read. There is so much going on in this one and it’s mostly good. It’s a great slice of life about different people trying to get by in life, in a crazy galaxy during a war. All the side plots are interconnected and fit beautifully together.

To sum it up, this is Star Wars for adults with an influence from Willow (c’mon we know that Lucas plagiarized Mosed) and not the crappy shit George Lucas produces. Buddy took Twi’lek slave girls and all the other crazy shit (there is one quite obviously Star Wars influence creature) and pushed it to the extreme.

There are great elements such as the realism in dialogue and situation. This makes the story relatable to the modern reader. The characters go through mundane tasks (such as presenting an evidence bag that contains an erotic romance novel, then later reading it on the toilet) but the scenes are characters are so bizarre that these mundane things stand out as both a storytelling element and comical running gag.

I found myself laughing out loud and unable to take some scenes seriously while I read. These are nice elements as they offset the very dark elements that we wouldn’t find in Star Wars. Elements that happen in real life such as the mortality of child sex workers behind closed doors and trying to get them out of such situations. In this case, the girl in question will die painfully if kidnapped and the authorities are clients as the brothel planet.

What’s a mercenary to do but buy her out? Oh, he needs to set off after a pair of star crossed lovers, kill them, abduct their newborn and give her to the royal family of one of the warring planets.


Boy and girl have already met. They are defected soldiers from opposing worlds at war. The story starts when their child is born and they need to get to the Rocketship Forest to escape to another planet. Thats a cool element. Organic rocketships grown from a tree. (Scientists have found a way to make glass as strong as wood using wood that is turned clear so why not?)

Children born between their species die under a year old. There is also a prophecy and conspiracy why both worlds want such children dead. There are plot twists and turns in their romance with their opposing beliefs, personalities and secrets that are unveiled.

The prince that is after them has a television for a head. He wants to go home to his planet before his own child is born but can’t until he has this child of prophecy. If you want to know how his kid was conceived we get a good look at that, too.

One of the mercenaries sent after them is having a bad day with a complicated vacation to a sexploitation planet. (He really seems like the author needs some atonement for Lando of Bespin from Star Wars. The guys cape is even made fun of from another mercenary.) His partner is a giant Sphinx cat that calls people out on their lies. Its proven that this mercenary is not just a cold hearted killer. He wants to free a little girl from slavery. Lastly, a ghost girl wants to hitch a ride off the planet by bonding with the soul of the newborn Hazel.


The art is excellent and the story well paced however the realistic elements leave this one laughable in some places. The erotica is just trying too hard and is more of a shock factor that anything else. It’s just so bizarre most of the time it actually draws away from the story.

I enjoyed that they put these stories together as collected editions or I may not have been interested otherwise and would have missed out on a great epic space fantasy. The plots may not have connected in one or two single volumes enough for me. However this is a great read and I suggest it for anyone that loves a great story with relatable, realistic, complex characters.

Cheers to a breastfeeding, badass momma on the cover and in the book!

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