Musashi by Sean Michael Wilson

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Horrible! Boring!!!!!!

Would make great toilet paper or fire starter.

The art is ok. It is definitely a graphic novel and not a manga. The story style is atrocious. The pacing is horrible. I’m a history buff, Otaku, fujoshi, nerd, geek. I don’t think I’ve read anything so boring, disorganized and poorly executed since… Ok I’ll leave the jokes alone (of actual historical executions)… Most erotica/romance available on NetGalley.

Just wow… This would make great toilet paper. I’d have hated to be that guys history teacher because this is just a long, vague, poorly told essay with ok art that has a disconnection for the dialogue. This feels like a horribly told kids book about your grandpa’s war stories with vague details of things he forgot about with his Alzheimer’s when he told your uncle and dad 50 years back and they also have Alzheimer’s. My grandpa died of it so I’m not joking.

Habibi, foreign artist, English writer, done right. This? Is utter crap. Fine, you don’t have to make it fantastical and fanciful but make the factual parts functional and fun!

I feel sorry for people that got this as a giveaway. If you paid for this I hope you have a fireplace. If you got thia for free from giveaways or an ARC site, especially if you gave an honest review, please put your stars honestly. Don’t give a 3 for freebies a “thank you for the freebie” is enough. That’s why it’s an “honest” review.

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